Justin Foren is a Motion Designer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After graduating from Full Sail University in 2010 he has worked for a number of agencies and organizations. It all started with an internship for the Tampa Bay Rays. During his time there he had the opportunity to work with Battle Media Lab located in South Florida. The change of atmosphere was like A to Z. A few years spent in Florida and it was off to Wisconsin where I signed on at DCI Marketing.

Let me just recap this real quick, I went from sports to a design boutique to corporate marketing. I have had my fair share of all types of work in my short time in this industry. Back to the story.

Spending most of his time with the automotive industry he worked with companies like Subaru, Nissan, Toyota, and many more. Then an opportunity to work at Wirestone came about. Their primary client in the Chicago office was Motorola. A few months of early train commutes, hard work, and a lot of Subway subs and the Moto X launched. Now he spends his time working for Tri-Marq Productions as a motion designer. That was a bit of a long story but we made it through it. With that said, I am currently available for freelance. Feel free to download a copy of my resume below and shoot me an email.